Ramadan is the holy month of blessing, spirituality, and a month of extra housework for women; they have to prepare Soohor and Eftar and have a lot of responsibilities. These responsibilities do not allow women to take good care of their skin during Ramadan.
You have to make your special character makeup in the month of Ramadan, Makeup is a very essential part of the beauty of a woman and a woman cannot think of living without it, but in Ramadan, women shouldn’t wear makeup or even if they do, they don’t have time to apply it. So here are some tips for light and natural makeup that will leave you looking beautiful, in no time:
- Prepare your skin: The best tip for making any skin glow is that the skin should be cleaned regularly with moisturizer.
- Keep all makeup matte and muted: Light colored makeup should be used rather than dark and stay away from false eye lashes.
- Use matte blushers: Matte blushers should be applied to give you the natural look.
- Apply light base and foundation: Apply a light makeup base and avoid heavy tanned colors.
- Apply nude lip colors: Nude lip colors should be applied rather than dark colors.
- Wear dark eye liner: Dark eye liner should be used

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