Selena Gomez happy without cosmetics


Selena Gomez has no problem seeing photographs of herself without make-up on.
The 18-year-old singer-and-actress often experiments with daring red lipstick and feline eyes for red-carpet events, although she actually feels better when she has a fresh face.
The gorgeous star doesn’t mind if the paparazzi capture her without cosmetics, as she feels comfortable in her own skin.
'There is no doubt about it, I love wearing make-up, but there are days when it’s nice just to go natural,' she told Heat magazine.
'Obviously I wouldn’t go to an event without any make-up on. But I don’t actually mind photographers taking pictures of me when I haven’t got any on, either.'
The star confesses she occasionally suffers from bad skin although she has a method for combating the problem. Selena makes sure she takes care of her skin on a daily basis and this helps ward off outbreaks.
'I break out in spots a lot, which is why I make sure I cleanse, tone and moisturise every night and morning. For that, I use Neutrogena toner and the Olay range,' she added.