Top 5 Beauty Secret
BAZAAR’s beauty experts reveal the tricks and must-have products behind the prettiest hair and makeup looks. Find out the secrets, plus catch up on all things beauty.

Natural Curly Hair

September 27, 2012
As seen on: Solange Knowles
How-to: "Naturally curly hair is definitely something to show-off," explains beauty director Alexandra Parnass. "But if you're prone to dry, tangled, frizzy locks, the right products are a must. Look for moisture-enhancing shampoos and conditioners, and use a cream or oil styling product to maximize shine and softness."

Retro Eye

September 26, 2012
As seen on: Jessica Stam
How-to: "A retro-looking lined eye looks glamorous yet modern for evening," explains beauty director Alexandra Parnass. "If you're inexperienced with liquid liners, choose a gel version instead, which is easier to control. Line along your entire lash line, flicking out at the ends toward your temples. Major mascara and red lipstick complete the look."

Undone Hair

August 27, 2012
As seen on: Cameron Diaz
How-to: "The secret to tousled locks is a body building texture spray," says beauty editor Jessica Prince. "On dry hair, spritz your roots and massage the product into your scalp with your fingers. Continue by lightly spraying the lengths for added shape."

Diffused Lip Color

July 31, 2012
As seen on: Jessica Biel
How-to: "What makes this lip look more wearable than other bright pinks and reds is the softly blended color around the perimeter of the mouth. Skip lipstick in place of a stain-gloss hybrid for bold results that are less intense," says beauty editor Jessica Prince. "Hide skin imperfections where necessary and apply one coat of black or brown mascara."

Flawless Skin

July 16, 2012
As seen on: Michelle Williams
How-to: "Whitening products are the key to an even, radiant complexion," says beauty editor Jessica Prince. "But don't be scared; they aren't for bleaching your skin, but rather for erasing dullness and dark spots for a brighter glow. Build one into your evening skincare routine that exfoliates and hydrates for even tone and texture."


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