Nishat Linen Winter Collection For Ladies 2012

It comes as no surprise that Nishat Linen may be a concern of Nishat Mills, the textile and residential fashion distributor that has redefined the business with acute attention paid to quality, style and affordability. they need all stylish dresses those are designed in keeping with the newest fashion in their dashboard varies in several kinds of material like; fabric, karandi, cotton and linen. Nishat Linen has recently launched their fabric, Linen and Karandi styles for forthcoming winter season of 2012-2013. All the dresses square measure reproduction of contemporary fashion prevailing in South Asia currently days.

Here we've collect some fabulous styles from a contemporary winter assortment of Nishat Linen fabric, linen and karandi outfits for our valued guests. the gathering is great and in keeping with the trend and demand of current fashion. Khaddar, Linen, Pret, Shawls and Karandi materials square measure most reliable and demanding materials for winters. These winter dresses square measure accessible in stores across Islamic Republic of Pakistan & UAE from October fifth, 2012. realize a Nishat Linen Outlet close to you.

Nishat Linen Winter assortment 2012-13 – Karandi, Khaddar, Linen, Pret, Sateen, Yarn-dyed and Heritage Shawls.

Price Range: Linen/Suit = Rs. 2,550, Sateen/Suit = Rs. 3,600, Khaddar/Suit = Rs. 2,750, Karandi/Shawls = Rs. 3,850, Karandi/ Shawls Pashmina = Rs. 4,850

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  1. beautiful dresses, i really like it and i find it very interesting, Riwaj is the most famous brand in pakistan.

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    join us.......thank you..

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