New Design for bridals / Full Hand Menhdi Design
First mehndi design in this post is very popular and my favourite mehndi design too. I hope you people would also love it specially girls who like full hand mehndi designs.
Hands are the most visible part of the human body, so that girls and women mehndidesigns on their hands. Every girl is a dream come dulhan (bride). Mehndi hands of different models for 2011 are in the hands floral arches, henna web, net flower, floraltrails, lucky lotus, leaves, chains, etc. gorgeous mehndi designs are each a weddingceremony. Her special day, the bride makes the perfect bridal mehndi designs in the hands of your hands.
Asia is also the charm of a wedding in Pakistan and India can be seen everywhere,as the bridal mehndi designs also show a friendly atmosphere wedding ceremony. The cones are useful tools for creating new models, such as paper stencils areavailable for immediate application. Bridal mehndi designs Size Hands are famousfor many years in Asian countries, wedding ceremonies, but in recent popular culture, mehndi has enjoyed the newel, musicians from Hollywood and the people acceptedand changed the tradition.Different mehendi designs for hands are floral arches, henna web, net flower, floraltrails, lucky lotus, leaves, chains, etc.


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  1. it is really good blog I admire ur work keep rocking

  2. OMG what mehandi designs are, i really like all the designs. I also love to drape mehnadi on hands.. and In india it is very important ceremony while wedding ceremony.

  3. Wow. Very beautiful mehndi designs. and i love your blog design and appearance.
    keep doing good work.
    Best wishes.

  4. wow Great collection..

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  8. how nice design you have post i really thanx ...
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  9. Chetana says:

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  14. Superb post and nice blog, I saw excellent news about Bridal Mehndi Design for Hands
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  15. Wow, those are very stunning images! I love your collection of mehndi designs. i love each of them! I actually was curious about those Tattoo on brides and now I know they are called Mehndi. Keep it up!

  16. Mehendi is something that we girls always adore and celebrate! The designs of mehndi all around the world share a special characteristic which is the passion for beauty and creating exquisiteness around them

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  18. Sadi says:

    Nice mehndi designs

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