6 Makeup Essentials for Teenagers …

1. Mineral Poweder

Mineral powder is one of those things that is absolutely a makeup essential for teenagers. Not only does the powder feel light and airy, but you can wear it over your foundation if you want! This powder will allow your skin to breathe and keep that natural glow! Perfect addition to any teenage makeup bag!
For getting a glowing skin u can do five simple things. 1)Take honey and apply on ur face for 15 mins n wash.
2)Take tomato n rub on ur face and leave it for 10 mins then wash.
3)Take lots of fresh fruits and raw veg in salad, it will effect ur skin positively.
4)Laugh at least 10 mins when u r alone.
5)Fill ur mouth with water and wash ur face with cool water


2. Shimmering Eyeshadow

I am a huge, huge fan of shimmering eyeshadow. I think that it looks chic and nice on and it’s definitely a makeup essential for teenagers! Remember, glitter is out, but shimmer and shine is in, so pick your favorite shimmering eyeshadow and add that to your makeup bag teens!




3. Eyebrow Tweezers

There are tons of different eyebrow tweezers out there, but mine are by far the square tipped. Eyebrow tweezers are a true makeup essential for teenagers – who knows when you’ll need to pluck some of those stray hairs!




4. Eyeliner

Eyeliner is one of my favorite makeup essentials for teenagers because it’s for everyone! I know I have at least three different kinds of eyeliner in my bag – everything from gel all the way to CoverGirl eyeliner sticks. What’s your favorite eyeliner girlies?



5. Mascara

Mascara and I go way, way back to my teenage years and I gotta say, this makeup essential for teenagers is a must! My favorite is Maybelline Stiletto mascara. Not only does it define my eyelashes, but it really gives them some length!




5. Blush

Finally, the most under utilized makeup essential for teenagers is blush! Whether cream or powder, blush is a must (like my rhyme?)! Personally, I like the touches of powder, but the cream blush does last longer. It all depends on what you want though.
There you have it girls! The top 7 makeup essentials for teenagers that should be in every teens makeup bag. So, what makeup essentials for teenagers did you have in your bag when you were a teen?