Looking Fashionable a in Pink Wedding Dress

Looking fashionable in a pink wedding dress is easier than you might think. Pink can help you seem both feminine and flirty, and the color is almost universally flattering. Where white might make you look pale and washed out, pink can help you look healthy and flushed with love. Before you jump on the pink bandwagon, however, there are a few pitfalls to avoid. Pink, when done wrong, can seem the opposite of fashionable. In fact, sometimes the wrong shade of pink can be simply devastating. Read on to find out how to pick a pink winner.

Creamy Pink

Dresses that contain just a kiss of pink are quite popular, especially since Reese Witherspoon wore a pink-kiss wedding dress on her big day in 2011. These dresses may even look white at first glance, but a closer look reveals the pink that's layered beneath. Often, these creamy pink dresses have multiple layers and they're cut with big, romantic skirts. These dresses are easy to find at both David's Bridal shops, or you can look online at Pronto and see an extensive selection of light pink, romantic wedding dresses. Since these dresses are just barely pink, no additional adjustments are needed to complete the outfit. They're bound to look great with anything else you might choose to wear.

Romantic Pink

Many designers, including Reem Acra, are designing pink wedding dresses with lace details and fitted silhouettes. These are dresses flappers would have swooned for, and they're perfect for a retro wedding. At-home designers are also picking up on the trend, and you'll find several choices at Etsy. Pair these dresses with other retro touches such as cameos, peonies and jazz music.

Pink Details

If you love pink but can't convince your wedding party to accept your choice, add pink to a few details in your wedding dress. No one will be the wiser, and you'll add a bit of color and elegance to your wedding day. Ask your dress designer to give you a pink ribbon at your waist, instead of a boring white sash. Substitute pink roses on your wedding dress, instead of white roses. Pull off the look by adding a touch of pink to your veil and dying your shoes a delicate touch of pink. Adding a strand of pink freshwater pearls to your outfit may help you pull everything together.

Pinks to Avoid

Much as you might love magenta or deep pink, this color isn't a traditional choice and it may offend some of the more traditional members of your wedding party. In addition, some deeply colored wedding dresses contain big skirts and dramatic details. Add up a bold color with dramatic styling, and you may end up with a look that's tacky and a bit silly. If you simply must add magenta to your wedding, drape your bridesmaids in the color and add magenta to your bridal bouquet. You'll be surrounded by the color you love, but you won't run the risk of looking foolish on your important day.

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