Summer is a wonderful time for everyone. We enjoy longer days and get extra time to spend with family and friends. While enjoying the warm weather of summer you have to take special care of your skin. Here are few skin care tips to make your skin fresh in hot days when mostly skin gets oily. And lot of girls faces pimple problems. So use the given Summer Skincare Tips to keep your skin glowing in hot summers and enjoy the summer season without worries of skin problems.

Drink more water than winters.
You should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to make sure that you are hydrated. You may need some more glasses of water if you are outside of home.

Use sunscreen if you are outside.If you are a working women, girl or man and spend more time outside, make sure to use sunscreen with minimum SPF 15. This is very useful if you don’t want to look old before time. It will make your skin young, and you will look younger.

Use night cream.
Use any good night cream before you sleep. Wash your face with good face wash and then apply the cream. This will help to prevent the damages of skin that may be happening due to hot weather.

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