Smile : tips for lipstick

Before you start with lipstick, apply a nourishing and moisturizing lip protector and plot to absorb any excess.

Well moisturized lips will repay your efforts as the contours will stay sharply defined. Your lipstick will also last longer and be more luminous.

To define your lips, first smile. For a natural look, start from the center of your lips and work to the edges. If you're not sure, try it in the other direction - you'll see!

Using a lip liner is a guaranteed way to increase the lasting power of a lipstick. Two-in-on items now exist that create clean lines and add full, deep colour.

To keep lipstick and even gloss lasting as long as possible, fill in the color by sketching the surface of your lips with the liner. If the pencil is dense enough, you can even use it alone to add color.

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