Red carpet makeup tips
Two magic wands for perfect face : skin primers and skin illuminators

Has J'lo (Jennifer Lopez) never woken up with under-eye bags or sleep wrinkles?
Has Kareena Kapoor never looked into the mirror and spotted dark circles from last nights party or stress-induced crow's feet. But when they walk down the red carpet, they put up their best, smoothest and most perfect face up to the cameras. Ask them about the glow and they will parrot: yoga, Suryanamaskaar, lots of water, no parties and many such fairytale "secrets". The truth, though, is much more cosmetic: skin primers and skin illuminators.

The magic face mask

What: Mostly silicone-based, skin primers are an under-makeup layer that can turn skin that's been up all night into a face that radiates like morning sun.

How: Makeup experts say this covers everything by putting a thin layer of nontoxic silicone between your skin and the makeup. It creates the look  of a totally flawless complexion.

Results: The silicone primers cover enlarged pores, acne scars and even fine lines and wrinkles for a few hours.

Primer use is reportedly so popular on Hollywood and Bollywood award nights, one makeup artist (who dresses up each famous faces we can't even name her) whispers that most of the gorgeous girls would look "dreadful" without at least one coat of primer under the makeup.

Dewy Glow

What: However, one more makeup product is in more demand than primers, skin illuminator. This is a shimmer cream that reflects light onto the skin.

Experts say this breakthrough product makes the skin look smoother and younger.

How: Apply a coat of primer, then add a cream or lotion with a small amount of shimmer, Blend over the entire face or, you can mix it into a foundation or even moisturizer, if the shimmer comes in the form of a cream or lotion, apply directly.

However, skin illuminators should not be confused with sparkle powder that are products wiht large chunks of metalic dust that should never used on the entire face.

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