The secret to using powder? The right formula for your age and skin type.

When acne is a factor, the biggest mistake you can make is to overdo your coverage. Applying powder to your entire face can look masky and actually draw attention to unevenness. Carry an oil-free, medium-coverage powder with you to blot any shiny areas and spot-cover redness.

Uneven Skintone
If you’re looking to even out redness, choose a powder that’s got yellow undertones. Yellow balances out redness while adding a healthy glow.

For dark spots, avoid adding more makeup shades, which can increase the look of unevenness. Use foundation to cover any discoloration and finish with a translucent powder.

If you’re looking to rock those freckles but still want some shine control, opt for a translucent powder. If you want to tone down their appearance, select a medium-coverage powder in a shade between your skin tone and freckles.

Lines and Wrinkles
As your skin ages it often becomes less shiny, which means you can opt for a lighter, more translucent powder finish that locks in your look without settling into fine lines and wrinkles.

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