He’s a live wire - sparking every instant! And his haute couture is no different and not any less experimental than that of Gaultier. He came to the fashion scene, when things were just beginning to charge; he just stepped in by chance and added the much-needed spark. Deepak Perwani - was his name. Now it’s his ‘signature’ style.

Deepak is an icon. He’s a man, with true grit. Every time he creates a piece, it's to satisfy his own creative aspirations. He never believes in mass-producing the kind of fashion wares people like to buy; he tunes them into buying what ‘he’ thinks ‘they’ should buy - That’s the theory behind the eventful success of the decade.

After five very exciting years in New York, which also included a year at the FIT, Deepak’s luck ran out, when daddy said, ‘no more money for you baby, come back home!’ So, it was ‘walking into non-civilization again’ that’s how Deepak likes to put it. But that’s when the lines on his palm restructured - this young, robust, energetic young man who was bored to the hilt, took a fancy to designing an odd nineteen shirts just because he had nothing better to do.

As the fading century slips into the new millennium, his couture shows signs of staying power and a newfound confidence. The Dubai show was an instant sellout with his truck art accents, and the Zargalli premier, Deepak broke all hell loose when he sent models down the runway in the most sensuous and seductively draped ensembles that complimented the jewelry presentation perfectly well. Despite the fact that today Deepak Perwani is a big name; the real man shows no signs of arrogance or snootiness.

He never suffered from an inflated ego; humble to the core Deepak truly believes in the ‘live and let live philosophy’ and may be that’s the reason for his glorious success.

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