If you are healthy and fit then you ll got real and natural beauty.Health n Beauty both are strongly interlinked with each other.if you are not taking Good diet then you cant be healthy and then you will fall these kind if diseases.
Dark circles could point to liver toxicity, thyroid or kidney problems.
White bands near the fingertips could specify poor circulation, and even heart diseases.Horizontal crinkle on nails could indicate poor inclusion of proteins and vitamins in the body.

Lose weight could indicate indecent eating habits, genetic problems and a host of health check conditions.

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Here are some health and beauty guidelines:

• Drinking of water for health and beauty is something that cannot be misjudged. Although one should drink 8 glasses of water a day.
• For perfect health and beauty, you must include 30 minutes of exercise in a week.
• Eat a healthy impartial diet, and avoid smoking and too much alcoholic drink.
• Treat with stress. Music helps you relax and ease

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