To have a healthy hair you have to do certain things on a regular basis. Shampooing your hair at least three days in a week is necessary. Also massaging your hair and scalp with any herbal oil on a regular basis is essential. After washing your hair you have to put a good conditioner on your hair. You can apply a henna pack mixed with bitten egg and yogurt to give extra shine in your hair. If you already have a healthy and shining hair you can go for various styles. Bouffant, bun, French braid are very much in nowadays. You can also go for various haircuts like layered cuts, mushroom cut and hyme cut.

* For enjoying a healthy hair, healthy diet is so important. You should give your body sufficient quantity of iron, protein, calcium. Fresh vegetables and fruits are vital for a healthy hair. In addition, make sure that your body is getting good quantity of vitamin B and vitamin C. It improves the growth of your hair.

* Its natural that your hair would get sweat and dirt. Wash the hair regularly with a good shampoo. After shampooing, apply conditioner too. Use the fingertips rather than the nails, when you are shampooing the hair.

* Choose a comb which has wide tooth. First you have to manage the hair with such comb. When the hair tangles would be separated, select a normal comb. With gentle approach, follow downward direction. Dry it with a towel before you are combing the hair.

* Massaging the hair and scalp with hot oil is an amazing process. It will soothe your hair and offers complete relief.

* Involve yourself in a hair trimming process. It will protect the hair from split ends and damages.

* Sleep is another important part of your beauty. Take sufficient rest and allow yourself for 7 to 8 hours of sleep regularly.

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