Brigit True Organics uses organic extra virgin olive oil as the major ingredient in all of our skin care.
Olive oil not only has a far superior shelf life compared to other cosmetic oils,
but also inherits the most advanced anti-aging and healing properties, helping us avoid preservatives and synthetic anti-aging chemicals.

Discovered more than five thousand years ago, olive oil has been revered as an ancient European beauty treatment.The external application of this prized oil creates soft, supple skin which appears to defy the rules of time.When used on the hair and cuticles, brittleness and coarse irregularities become silken and smooth.

The science behind olive oils’ heavenly qualities extends far beyond the aesthetic. It is saturated in antioxidant
vitamins A and E and polyphenol compounds that love nothing more than to scavenge and eliminate the free radicals
that break down our cell membranes (free radical damage results in aging and cellular mutations that are not healthy).

If gobbling up nasty free radicals weren’t enough, olive oil also happens to be rich in chlorophyll,an organically occurring substance stimulating cell renewal. Acting as a humectant, the squalene particlesharbored in every drop pull moisture out of the air and bind it to the skin, reversing the evaporation and drying process.Olive oil is mildly antibacterial and gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.
Brigit True Organics’ indulgent olive oil skin care revitalizes and rejuvenates; feel good in your own skin.

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