Massages are very beneficial to the hair. When done right, it can help stimulate the blood flow to the scalp to encourage hair growth. The best way to do a hair massage is to pick the oil of your choice and mix it with a little bit of warm water and spray it directly to the scalp. This in turn helps in stimulating your scalp and relaxing your mind.

The benefits of a oil hair massage are endless. Here are just a few to get you started in incorporating hair massages into your daily routine.

- Massaging your scalp helps to relax your scalp and also increase pliability

-It softens and conditions hair which in turn makes your hair much more manageable

-It lubricates and conditions the scalp, which helps to prevent the scalp from flakes and dry scalp

-It enhances blood circulation in the neck and head area which release stress

-Massages spread the natural oils of the hair which in turn increases hair luster and vibrancy

-Massages help protect hair from the damages of the sun and harsh weather

-It helps promote sound sleep at night

-It strengthens the root of the hair and nourishes the hairs shaft

Some recommended oils for a hair massages are:

- 100% Pure Coconut Oil

-100% Pure Olive Oil

-100% Almond Oil

-100% Seseme Oil

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