Oily skin can be quite worrisome and can give rise to several skin problems. Most of the times due to the over production of the sebum the face will look sticky and glossy and not only that it will attract dust and will further clog the pores of the skin. This will not only make your skin dull but be prepared for more skin troubles. While you cannot change the skin type you can surely take some steps to keep the oil at bay. Here are some tips that you can use effectively.

-Cleaning is very important for the oily skin. It will make the face look fresh and will also by unclogging the pores will let your skin breathe. Wash the face with cleanser thrice a day. Oil control cleanser can also be used.

-The fruit acids in papaya are very good oil controller. Mash it and smear it all over the face. Leave it or 5-10 minutes before washing off.

-Use products with alpha hydroxyl acids. They help in the removal of the dead cells and also keep the pores unclogged and face feeling fresh.

-Clay based face pack and oil free cosmetic and cream will also help you to control oily skin.

-Do not expose your skin too much in the sun. Contrary to popular belief sun actually stimulate th oil production by the glands. Along with sweat sebum will also be produced and it will give your face a oily look.

-Steam your face twice a week and add lavender or rose oil in the water. Steam at least for ten minutes per session.

-Increase the intake of fresh vegetables and fruits in the diet and avoid oils and fats in the diet as much as you can.

-Take high potency multivitamin and also vitamin b complex along with your diet.

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