Your wedding day may be one of the happiest days of your life. It is important that you feel like you look your best. When you look at photographs of your wedding, you want to see your true beauty captured. You may decide to get bridal pictures taken in addition to the photos from your special day. With so many photos and memories, you will want o be sure to have your makeup enhance all of your best features. Makeup application for these special events will most likely be a little different than your average makeup day.

One universal truth is the need to apply more makeup than usual so that it shows up in photographs. Especially since you will probably be wearing white for your wedding and bridals, it is important to apply enough makeup that you don’t end up looking pale or washed out in the photos. For most girls, it might even feel like you are wearing too much makeup, but that probably means it’s just the right amount. When you see the photos that you will have forever, you will be really happy you did go heavier on the makeup.
Getting Ready for the Big Day

Since every girl is different, you will want may want to do a couple of practice makeovers to see what you like the best. Makeup counters in most department stores have makeup artist that can be very helpful. You can even make an appointment with one of them to have them do your makeup for free. They can offer advice on what will look good with your complexion and hair and how to really make your best features pop. If you really like how they do your makeup, consider hiring them to do your makeup for your wedding day and bridals. It is your special day and it will bring peace of mind to know that a professional is doing your makeup exactly how you want it.

If you are doing your own makeup, you will definitely want to invest in some good foundation. The right foundation is very important to help create and even glow to your skin. When it comes to photographs, using a powder foundation can cause you to appear washed out and paler than you may like. A liquid foundation tends to work best. Since you will be wearing white, you really don’t want makeup rubbing off on you all day long. And even though it might be necessary to touch up your makeup at least once during the long day, you don’t want to have to be worried about it all day long. The right foundation can help keep everything set without giving you that oily look.

Looking your best on your wedding day and for your bridals is your right as the bride. A good makeup job will help you feel as beautiful as you are.

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